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Did your Listing Agreement Expire and Your Home Not Sell?

Did your Listing Agreement Expire and Your Home Not Sell?

Frustrated Yet???


In today’s current mortgage environment, it has become difficult for people without perfect credit to buy homes. This fact has been all over the news and has probably affected you as well.

“Wait, I’m not buying a home… I’m selling mine”. Unfortunately, now that many buyers do not qualify for a mortgage, it takes a large segment of buyers out of the market who would be buying your home.

Sellers and Buyers are in the same boat. Real estate listings have been languishing on the market; not for lack of want, but for the current lack of ability for buyers to qualify for mortgages. You want to sell, they want to buy. Shouldn’t there be a way to make this work out for both of you?

Let me give you a solution- it’s called Rent-To-Sell. We have clients that are looking for Rent-To-Own homes to live in who need a home just like yours.

Unfortunately, the Rent-To-Own tenants need to rent in the meantime until they can qualify to buy. There are thousands of homes available available for immediate sale, but very few for Rent-To-Own. Would you like to have your home available for them?

If so, please fill out our Rent-To-Sell Form. We will contact you to see if this program would be a good fit for you.

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(587) 797-2785

A New Solution to Sell Your Home”

Serving Homeowners Since 2004


Serving Alberta

(587) 797-2785