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Rent-To-Sell Canada. is a real estate business that has been in business since 2004 with a specialty in Residential Realty Services.

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Question that often asked

We place rental or rent-to-own tenants into your home, manage the property, work with the tenants to get them “mortgage-ready”, and then coordinate the sale. We also actively market your properties to our investors who are looking to buy tenant-occupied homes for their investment portfolios.

offer services for every step of the process. They include:

  • Coordinating with contractors to make the necessary repairs to your home to get it market ready
  • Giving you ideas on how to improve the “showability” of your property
  • Marketing your property
  • Facilitating the showing of your property
  • Screening tenants
  • Doing all of the necessary paperwork
  • Managing the property
  • Working with the tenant to get them financially
  • Completing the sale

We do this in many ways including:

  • Listing your home in the Area Multiple Listing Service (the internet site where all real estate agents post their home listings for other agents to sell to their clients)- this gives your home visibility to the 1,000’s of active real estate agents in our area 
  • Listings on 330+ sites we partner with (including Exposure to large inventory of tenant-buyers that contact us daily about rent-to-own homes.

Bottom line, we will get your home exposure.

 That’s a tough thing to answer because it really depends on your house. However, this has happened as quickly as 2 days. 90% of our homes are “Under Contract” within 45 days and moved into within 60. Be ready to move!!

  1. Upfront marketing fee of $99.00 (Normally $199.00- 50% discount!) to maximize your success for fast tenant-buyer placement. We use this to place your home on the Region MLS, other real estate and classified sites. Your home will get maximum exposure!
  2. There is NO COST to you for placing a rent-to-own tenant into your property. We retain some of the option fee (that the tenant provides) to pay for this service.
  3. Managing the property while working with the tenant to get them qualified to buy the home- 10% of the rental income per month (all-inclusive!)
  4. For coordinating the sale of your home with the tenant- 5% of the purchase price

That’s what we call a good problem for our clients. Tenants typically sign 12-24 month leases which means that they are paying off your home every month. Do you contribute to an RRSP? That’s what this is like- the tenant is paying off your investment and basically making a contribution to you every month.

Besides. who knows what will happen in 12-24 months? The housing market in your area could tighten up and people may be forming in line to buy your home then. Home values typically appreciate every year, so your home will have risen in value and your mortgage expense has fallen. Not a bad situation.

If the tenant informs us that they do not plan to buy the home, we will contact you prior to the lease expiring. Then you can decide what you would like to do.

6-36 months, depending on their credit situation.

We have a stringent tenant screening process, so we try to mitigate the risk on the front end. However, we obviously cannot guarantee this. To combat this, we collect an up front option payment or a minimum of 1-month’s security deposit before they move in. If they
violate the lease, they forfeit the option money or security deposit and are evicted. We have found that most tenant-buyers are serious about improving their credit and owning a home; plus, it doesn’t make any sense for them to stop paying rent and forfeit their money.

Simply fill out our Rent-To-Sell Form and one of our associates will call you to discuss our program. It’s that easy!!

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